A company introducing packaged goods on the market is obliged to run public educational campaigns more/collapse

Pursuant to Article 19(1) of the Act on packaging and packaging waste management of 13 June 2013, the entity introducing packaged goods on the market is obliged to run public educational campaigns on their own or through organisations dealing with packaging recovery.

  • If the entity introducing packaged goods on the market fulfils this obligation on its own it must allocate for this purpose or pay into the account of the National Environmental Protection and Water Management Fund at least 2% of the net value of the packaging introduced on the market in the previous calendar year.
  • When the Packaging Recovery Organisation takes over the obligation to recover and recycle packaging waste from a company, it must donate at least 5% of its revenues obtained in the previous calendar year from the fulfilment of the said obligation to public educational campaigns.

This obligation must also be fulfilled by the entities introducing packaged goods below 1 Mg on the market and the entities introducing packaged multi-material goods or hazardous materials on the market. (source: ministry interpretation)

We fulfil this obligation under the basic agreement concerning the fulfilment of recovery and recycling obligation.


run our own campaigns and initiatives such as No Litter Day;

organise seminars, trainings and conferences, for example trainings for clients, municipal service providers, international conferences on Extended Producer Responsibility with regard to the new packaging directive;

support the actions run in communes by our partners, e.g. organisation of educational paths, school competitions, workshops for children;

support campaigns promoting selective waste collection and environmentally friendly behaviour, e.g. Warsaw Recycling Days, Clean the World, Tuned with Nature and Culture is Nature;

implement non-standard educational projects;

create and produce educational materials.