Rekopol Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A. takes over the obligation to recover and recycle waste from companies introducing packaged goods on the market and fulfils it. We cooperate with:

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaEntities offering waste management services as:

  • Regional Municipal Waste Processing Installations (RMWPI)
  • Substitute Municipal Waste Processing Installations
  • entities collecting mixed municipal waste from residents
  • Points of Selective Waste Collection (PSWK)
  • Sorting plants
  • Packaging waste collection points
  • Waste collectors
  • Companies exporting packaging waste for recycling outside Poland
  • Communes (indirect cooperation)

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaRecyclers of packaging waste

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaEntities introducing packaged goods on the market that selectively collect packaging waste in connection with their business activity (compensation)