What can we do together?

we create the scenario of a campaign, happening, competition, and assumptions of a long-term education and information programme;

we create the design of a leaflet, poster, or another educational material;

we organise a picnic or a happening;

we create a ‘green stand’;

we organise a training or a conference;

we create a project addressed to a specific group of recipients – children or youths;

we can help you prepare necessary materials, including graphic materials;

we can provide expert knowledge on selective waste collection, packaging waste management, and conscious shopping.

Together we will create a project that will meet your needs and correspond to your potential!


Thanks to the initiatives undertaken together with us you will:

increase environmental awareness of your employees, residents of the local commune, children and youths;

fulfil the obligation of environmental education imposed on communes;

build a green image of your company / commune.


Would you like to be sure that the actions you planned will be implemented professionally? Contact us!