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consultancy on packaging waste management with a view to cost optimisation

creating a packaging waste management strategy and fulfilment of the obligation to recover and recycle waste with regard to 2020 and 2030 frameworks through individual consultations and specialist reports, trainings, and seminars as well as product audit more/collapse

As a company that introduces packaged goods on the market, you are obliged to:

  • keep your own register including the information on the mass of the packaging introduced on the market
  • prepare relevant reports and submit them to Provincial Marshal within set deadlines

Thanks to the product audit conducted by our experts you will find out what packaging and in what quantity is subject to the obligation to recover and recycle waste.

We offer:

  • environmental audit of a company with regard to the packaging introduced on the Polish packaging market;
  • calculation of packaging mass and advice on optimal method of settlement with packaging recovery organisation;
  • verification whether the packaging register you keep is correct and whether the OŚ- OP1 reports from the past 5 years are complete and properly drawn up.

The audit is summed up in a report and audit certificate.

fulfilment of reporting obligations