We implement educational actions and Green CSR projectsmore/collapse

Green CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility area that involves a company’s understanding, awareness, and deeper need to engage in solving the problem of insufficient environmental protection.

We recognise the needs and potential of our clients and create customised projects.

We design comprehensive educational programmes to reach the largest number of recipients possible.

We have experience in designing and implementing both comprehensive educational programmes and one-time initiatives such as workshops, competitions, educational stands.

We implement actions addressed both to the general public and specific recipient groups (e.g. companies, administration workers, children and youths, local communities, employees, consumers).

We offer:

  • Assistance with implementation and monitoring of Green CSR projects.
  • Organisation of trainings, seminars, conferences among others on waste management, legal changes, Green Point trademark.
  • Environmental events.
  • All non-standard forms of educational activity.

Do you need professional support for building a ‘green image’ of an environmentally friendly company for which ecology is important? Contact us!