We are the only packaging recovery organisation set up by companies that introduce packaged goods on the Polish market. We fulfil the obligations to recover and recycle packaging waste and run public educational campaigns.


The companies that hand over the fulfilment of the obligation to recover and recycle waste to us gain SECURITY first of all!

Our security guarantee

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaDifferentiated supplier portfolio. We cooperate with:

  • companies that collect and recycle household waste, which form the biggest group of our cooperation partners;
  • companies that collect waste from sources such as large format stores, industrial facilities, and others;
  • companies that submit packaging waste generated in their production plants and retail outlets for recycling.

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaThe number of communes in which we provide financial support (719 communes)

A growing number of companies cooperating with us that provide services to more and more communes makes the accomplishment of the goal set for 2020 realistic (recycling of 50% of household-generated waste).

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaLong-lasting relations with business partners – a vast majority of the companies cooperating with us are our long-standing partners. Mutual loyalty is important to us.

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaSelection of suppliers within the stream of household-generated waste – we cooperate only with these entities that won communal tenders for waste collection and recycling.

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaRegular verification of the entities cooperating with us and detailed audit and high requirements concerning operation standards for new partners – site visits before entering into cooperation, monitoring of operations run and the issued documents confirming recovery and recycling.

We offer comprehensive service to our clients. We do not limit our actions to fulfilment of the obligation to recover and recycle packaging waste and environmental education, but we offer also:

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietainternational consultancy – unique service for companies operating on the Polish market;

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietanational consultancy, including advice on waste management and product audit;

PunktorStrzalkaGreenprzycietaimplementation or supporting the implementation of environmental education and building a ‘green image’.